How entrepreneurship can not be ignored the law of supply and demand

many friends want to start a business, but success is not an easy thing. Entrepreneurs, do you pay attention to the law of supply and demand? While you are anxious to build their own business, the law of supply and demand is the most easily overlooked, but also hinder the direct cause of entrepreneurial success.

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in sales, if people at the beginning of your product purchase intention, it will be very helpful. If you have not yet found the people’s demand for the product, there may be many reasons.

Third, once you have identified the existence of market demand, then identify the degree of demand. How many products can be sold per month or per year? Master the level of demand will help you to product pricing. Demand, you can set a high price. If demand is small, you may need to lower your price.

in my fifteenth venture, I decided to specifically for small businesses to develop an online payroll software. I have deliberately chosen a product that is difficult for others to replicate, so that we can eliminate the possibility of competition. I also know my potential customers, small business owners, to create a target market will not be satisfied with the monotony of software services. I know we can do better, because we will

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