How to join the hot pot

you want to give you creative ideas, you want to give you the characteristics of the characteristics, in the soft when it can meet the requirements of the hot pot to meet all of the characteristics of food and beverage to join you. So you choose to join the hot pot. What about the soft hot pot?

When it is Hot pot type

soft Zhengzhou cross-border Catering Management Co., the company’s brand Hot pot since the beginning of October 2012, the preparatory research lasted 8 months, the brand, product taste, curing down to the market in June 2013, reacted strongly, the company has 20 outlets, mainly concentrated in the Zhengzhou franchise; 57, distributed in 18 cities, more than 40 counties in Henan province.

company under the trade company responsible for the procurement and distribution of goods Hot pot, market development and on the development of Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Hebei, Hubei five provincial market, the company also set up their own processing plant base material, and obtain QS certification.

soft bar is based on the traditional flavor of Chongqing hot pot to create a set of traditional culture, nostalgia culture, bar culture, leisure culture, such as one of the mass, leisure catering. The pursuit of a restaurant is a warm home, the heart of the home, free and unrestrained, free, memories of the past dining experience.

taste comes from natural spices, advocating the concept of green. Chongqing old Hot pot was born, its spicy and delicious from natural ingredients, the ingredients through traditional cooking methods, after thoroughly tempered, and eventually became a delicious spicy taste heavy stretches. The more people eat more fragrant, the more you eat the more spicy hemp, the more addictive taste characteristics.

soft bar style hot pot adhering to the traditional formula, in order to never add chemical raw materials, will not repeat the use of oil and water for the health concept, advocate green and healthy consumer culture.

soft bar hot pot join process:

a, telephone to join the Advisory;

two, to the company preliminary negotiations;

three, signed an intention to join the agreement, the intention to pay gold;

four, headquarters sent field visits to determine the suitability and exchange and investigation with investors. Suitable to assist in the location, rental contract; inappropriate is not in favor of investors risk investment;

five, with the joining of gold and personal identity information signed a franchise contract;

six, to assist in the opening of the business (decoration program, personnel training, management information, business procedures, facilities planning, raw materials procurement, marketing planning, etc.);

seven, >

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