Taobao Suning dual 11 deposit after the first price increase behavior was named

China Consumers Association released today 2016 double 11 online shopping commodity prices experience survey report, the survey results show that Taobao, Suning, Gome, Jingdong and other domestic sales of electronic business platform is a portion of the goods after the first price reduction, original fiction and other issues.

it is reported that the survey experience involving 13 online shopping platform, a total of 809 items, involving clothing shoes and hats, mobile phone, digital products, cosmetics, personal care Home Furnishing snacks, home textiles, baby products, luggage accessories, audio books, household appliances, outdoor sports, automotive supplies and other daily necessities such as 12 categories.

from the 533 express commodity price situation, the price is lower than in October 20th, November 11th day 23 days, 26 days, 29 days, November 1st, 4 days, 7 days, 10 days time node ratio was 27.8%; the price and the time node flat ratio was 55.5%; the price is higher than the proportion of time node 16.7%.

sales promotion price first after the price more in name than in reality, suspected


survey found that some of the goods except in the "double 11" price is not affordable, some goods are suspected of prices after the first price, the specific performance: in the "double 11" before the promotion price, and price promotions in the day.


platform of a certain brand of emulsion as an example, from the October 29th -11 month 11 days recording time, November 11th price is 126, for the full 119 yuan minus 5 yuan and over 5.01 yuan to send 5 yuan shop red, so that the actual price is 116 yuan, while the price is not the price record for the lowest price (94 yuan).


platform of a certain brand of handbags in October 23rd -11 month 11 days to record the time, there is price rise, from 1199 yuan rose to 1499 yuan, the price dropped to 1348 yuan in November 11th.

part of the original price of goods suspected of

survey experience also found that some of the platform businesses to change the reference price, resulting in promotional gifts illusion, misleading consumers.

NetEase koala sea shopping platform of a brand wallet in October 20th sales price of 549 yuan, the reference price is 1300 yuan, while in November 10th the sales price rose to 649 yuan, the reference price rose to 1500 yuan, the reference price rises in the promotion period, seemingly discounts, but "double 11" sales prices have risen.


platform a cosmetic sets November 10th reference price of 164 yuan, and by November 11th the reference price to 170 yuan, the business changed the reference price, and "double 11" promotional price is not the price the lowest price record time.

part of the business contrary to the principle of good faith

in addition, the survey found that some businesses contrary to the principle of good faith, there is no price commitment, promotional price

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