Group purchase website poaching deep throat black list promote collective job talk

fighting? High salaries to attract? Handle network of more than 300 employees of collective "elopement" Wo Wo Group

in mid May, the well-known group purchase site in the city of Chongqing, the manager and the core backbone of the collective in Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou and Jiangyin in all areas of the job with Wo Wo Group, involving more than 260, a few days later, Chongqing again resigned, more than 60 employees also switched to Wo Wo Group, the part of the site the city is a ghost town". IT Times reporter contacted some of the people familiar with the resignation of the incident, the real reason behind the collective job hopping.

handle network re expansion light employees

, according to the "IT times" reporter survey, such as collective job hopping in the hands of the network is not the first time. Now, the site is part of the city network handles a ghost town, near the city’s emergency mobilization headquarters staff to take over.

handle network staff collective resignation tide first appeared in the NanJing Railway Station, insiders said the main reason is that the welfare and equity incentive compensation system and employee expectation gap gap is too large, some employees complain, "accounted for 30% of the overall results of East China region but can not get even the one percent option awards", "salary is low, even difficult basic living security". Insiders said that the current network management is only 30% more than the remaining shares. After a huge amount of financing, only a small part of the investment to improve employee benefits and equity incentives, and most of the money spent on advertising.

Wo Wo Group PR Liu confirmed that there are really 200 former members of lashou joined Wo Wo Group, Wo Wo Group will give workers more incentive options, in order to have better development on this platform." But she does not think Wo Wo Group is malicious poaching, but those employees take the initiative to join. But the Hangzhou Railway Station staff handle network wind (a pseudonym) told a reporter had received a group purchase website, Wo Wo Group, the phone out of the treatment rather attractive, "to Wo Wo Group’s former colleagues, handle good treatment than 3 times 2."

capital to promote pay virtual high

in recent years, group purchase sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged, in the rapid expansion, financing, financing, financing rounds crazy seems to be the focus of these sites by the news, but it can make enterprises caught in a dilemma. Analysys analyst Chen Shou send said: "in the capital market stimulation, encouragement, group purchase enterprises have paid out to attract talent, directly led to the vicious competition for talent group purchase between enterprises." At the same time, he also said that the phenomenon of the phenomenon of high corporate salaries are more serious, which also caused some employees psychological impetuous, making it appear more unstable in the job." last year also reached the group purchase field, its relevant staff told reporters that the site is not independent group purchase business resources in the rise time, completely rely on the sales staff to accumulate a little bit. "The number of sales personnel directly determines the amount of business resources website. If not >

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