Wang Tong SEO has been linked to horse training

is about to go to bed and have a rest. Bored on the Google line input SEO, click search. Number one is the point, second ZAC blog, third eldes Le SEOBBS, fourth Wang Tong’s fudge training Oh, wait a bit different: Oh

"the site may contain malicious software that could harm your computer." Is Wang Tong of the website can also be fooled by the horse



look at other sites:


wow haha, maybe a lot of people will sigh, this is where the road is really cheerful divine troops descending from Heaven. Oh, do not be too much of what it may be, this time, or another person in the marketing of Wang Lao predecessors try". What do you mean by "try"? Event marketing always knows. If I have this opportunity why not borrow may be linked to the horse again, propaganda yourself. Sure there will be a lot of SEO new people will ask "who is Wang Tong?" "what is the SEO training?"".

Oh, if so, to Google flow loss for a period of time to attract new people, their training in flicker plus advertisement, can certainly pull a few single business and exposure. Well intentioned people that we cannot live up to the people, the writing is to write, it must be said, also took the opportunity to earn eyeballs. But this link I don’t add to it, I SEO happy nest Baidu also confiscated, add a Google pay special attention to the link? ~ my station is really embarrassed ~

may have to say I know ah, perhaps it is the people were hanging out, people may be to update the site code a bit. Oh ~ do SEO really have too much uncertainty, I didn’t say it is midnight, write something always head dizzy, perhaps it is my heart, oh this is the occupation disease SEO, all with a dubious look.

but if the king advanced station really was linked to horse, that would be for the people of Wang regret a silent prayer. I hope this incident is not due to the RP problem.

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