Peer to peer lending pat loans are berserk actually want to remove the grey coat

recently, P2P net loan platform to peer-to-peer lending by Tencent to buy a spread throughout the network, and quickly set off Ali $35 million investment pat credit tide. However, only a flash in the pan, in the pure rumor was dispelled.

however, tired brother think the possibility of peer-to-peer lending and Tencent approached 90% investment matters, but the details we all understand that large companies are playing love means, until the last moment will not be disclosed, and perhaps talk has not entered a substantive stage. But, this message does not hinder peer-to-peer lending, pat loans and other P2P net loan to speculation, raise their social status, in order to meet the investment community to rescue their horses.

so, a lot of people will wonder why, P2P net loan why to save yourself? Don’t worry, talk about the origin of P2P before the rescue brother tired.

Chinese P2P net loan platform, such as peer-to-peer lending, pat loans, net loan Chang, the letter and the rich are exotic, but it is exotic. First, they is the predecessor of the United States LENDING CLUB (loan Club), the club loan refers to the banking organization and coordination of several members of the unit in the bank, according to the unified signed agreement, according to the agreed conditions, loan term and interest rate to specific credit in good condition, good growth but temporary financial difficulties sub health enterprises and individuals to provide financing loans.

from the above contents we learned, loan club is from the United States, the national conditions affect it, the foreign loan industry will be free in many operating areas, and it is by the banking organization and coordination, and open access to its loan users credit information (in this statement, foreign credit is open, can supply enterprises use. ).

however, China’s P2P is not the same:

1, it is in China, to comply with Chinese laws and regulations, thus limiting the scope and rights of its operations. Platform services only;

2, P2P Chinese website so far no joint private bank (here except individual local commercial banks directly led the leading P2P net loan loans), but so far there is no official approval, so its identity is gray, not regular (there is a speculation that the future if P2P can have credit binding. Bank and credit card will be as popular.


3, yet all open Chinese user credit system (expressly to apply for credit system of enterprises must have certain qualifications), only the users themselves to go to the bank for credit qualification and then submitted to the P2P website, due to the condition and complicated link complex, most users are too lazy to go through. Based on no reference credit standards, risk control P2P site is very dangerous, but in order to make up for this one, most of the sites are looking for internal audit risk control, so that now is not standardized scale and a large number of leaks occurred.

is based on various restrictions >

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