12306 procurement from the cycle through Tai Chi shares to buy their own products

booking website 12306 entered the peak period, once again become the topic "the king", for the plug-in brush votes caused by netizens interpreted as "you’re stupid, don’t blame others too clever". However, the Ministry of Railways is still a little smart".

recently, the network broke the news Zhou Xiaoyun announced by the Ministry of Railways two micro-blog information technology center purchase contract: two years of Tai Chi computer company to purchase equipment over 200 million. Coupled with the previous cost, the actual investment of 12306 site has exceeded the value of 500 million.

the two named "a project" information system of the Ministry of Railways Railway Customer Service Center and customer service center "the railway information system of the Ministry of Railways Internet Ticketing System" the two phase of the project procurement contracts, amounting to 54 million 516 thousand and 560 yuan and 146 million 956 thousand and 550 yuan, 200 million yuan. The buyer of the two contract is the information technology center of the Ministry of railways.

two copies of the contract before the exposure, Tai Chi shares and shares the same side of the company in 2011 announced that the two companies were awarded the Ministry of Railways "a new generation of ticket system project, amounting to 199 million yuan and 130 million yuan.

, an industry source told reporters that in addition to the three companies, 12306 of the food web system and the quality of electronic communications company, citic. The design and maintenance of the electronic quality is mainly responsible for the 12306 website, the person said, technical strength is far better than the quality of easy process of Polytron Technologies Inc are also involved in the bidding, the Ministry of Railways to the list to the quality of its own electronic institute. The quality of electronic procurement contract has not been announced, but the person said, the purchase amount should be accounted for 12306 of total purchase plate about 1/3-1/4.

newspaper reporter in the 12306 purchase of the largest proportion of Tai Chi shares of the company, a large part of the purchase of products from the information technology center of the Ministry of railways under the Sinorail and Sinorail Golden Express company. In other words, the information technology center of the Ministry of railways through Tai Chi shares of this intermediary, to buy their own products.

Tai Chi shares annual report 2011, China Railway channel and its subsidiary Sinorail Golden Express in Tai Chi shares the top five suppliers of the list, the Sinorail golden quickly for the second major suppliers, purchase amount 47 million 993 thousand and 45 yuan, accounting for 2.54% of the share of the current purchase of Tai Chi shares; Sinorail is the third largest supplier, the procurement the amount of 45 million 784 thousand and 182 yuan a share of 2.43%.

information technology center of railway ministry is the major shareholder of Sinorail, business registration information, corporate Sinorail is the director of the information center of railway ministry Lu Yongzhong, Lu Yongzhong is also the current chairman of sinorail. Industrial and commercial registration information also shows that China Railway letter of credit for the holding subsidiary of China Railway, the company as Wu Jianzhong, who served as the Ministry of Railways information technology >

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