2008 Witkey Butler officially launched

since September 2006, CCTV News reported that the online work mode of Witkey and Witkey websites such as the development of Witkey websites like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, the profit pattern compared to before the advent of the blog more clear, so many companies have entered the Witkey industry, so far, we can count to Witkey website is up to more than and 300, the number of Witkey also from the time of the about 100000 quickly increased to about 3000000 people, the amount of Witkey task published online from the previous day thousands of yuan to several thousand yuan a day today. With the rapid development of Witkey mode, this number will continue to rise.


Witkey’s energy is limited, we can not go a day Witkey dozens of hundreds of Witkey website search tasks, so they lost a lot of Witkey tasks, but also lost a lot of opportunities, too many Witkey feel so sorry, there is not a good solution for the


! Butler is thus born witkey.

the spider Witkey manager and our staff always collect the Witkey website Witkey task, and timely combing show the Witkey friends, as long as you can list all the Witkey housekeeper, Witkey website Witkey task, not to waste energy looking for, spend your precious time to do the most valuable.

found on Witkey Witkey task, http://s.www.wkabc.com


July 18, 2008, officially launched the

Witkey housekeeper!

we will continue to improve, continue to add new features, if you have what suggestions or comments on the website, please tell us immediately, we are looking forward to your feedback; Email:web#wkabc.com (please # for @


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