Baidu Post Bar why is it difficult to give up commercialization

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Sun Hongchao

reported in January 18th.

just past a week, for the country’s largest Internet Co one hundred degrees seem very long. No one expected, denounce several Baidu users rights Post Bar, finally set off waves, let Baidu and founder Robin Li suffered overwhelming siege and questioned.

"in the past week is a difficult week for Baidu, we will be deeply reflect the crisis into opportunities." In yesterday’s Beijing forum for the future, Robin Li for the first time in public response to the post bar event.

the same day, in Sichuan, hemophilia on the weekends ant food intermittently, accepted the interview of science and technology Tencent. A week ago, it is his tireless voice, just let it be sold to the event became a universal concern of the public opinion storm. "So many people helped me get the results today." Ant cuisine.

in this post the public opinion storm, it was said that the original hemophilia service team is out of interest to compete for this, ant food on the Tencent denied. "The first hemophilia bar friend are relatively simple, followed by themselves in the Post Bar devoted seven years of effort, just to provide assistance to other patients," said the ant food, "but for us this time may die of the people, really do not need to go to the pursuit of the interests."

even though I was the fuse of this event in the knowledge of the post, but the ant dish of Tencent said objectively, he still thank Baidu for providing a communication platform for them to understand that even commercial move for Baidu Post Bar.

ant food that Baidu is in the wrong place, patient, long illness, past medical experience makes the disease of advertising cheat, forcibly implanted patient group was more disgusted, and sell it after forcibly implanted advertising is exposed before the medical practice of this notorious repute liar, very disappointing. Baidu needs to carefully review these medical advertising information. Especially for hemophilia, it can even cause death."

in January 12th, in the face of "hemophilia" sell fermentation of the public crisis, Baidu’s first public response to all kinds of disease Post Bar has a full cessation of commercial cooperation, open only to the authority of public organization; the tremendous pressure of public opinion before 16 days, Baidu once again sound, said in the report users "hemophilia" incident, stop all kinds of business cooperation is disease; to explore cooperation with the State Planning Commission, the construction of disease diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of authoritative information; will launch the "small door" and "national report" plan, supervision content Post Bar.

within 16 days of the statement, Baidu also said "we are reaffirming the internal decision-making and approval process, from the source to eliminate the problem, comprehensive rectification."

Baidu correction Post Bar deformity commercial attitude seems increasingly resolute. However, in fact, has started the commercialization of Baidu post bar, how Ping

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