On the understanding of the sales of blog marketing

home recently have been very busy during the day at home, a little hot afternoon with my parents went to work, continuously work, some too much. Mainly during the day on the Internet, the Internet at night, mental and physical overdraft serious, very tired tired, but still have to go to work in the field, adhere to the internet. Tired of the work on the repeat of their own words, "who is this kind of place for whom?", the answer is, "this tree is planted, this is my way to open, to think of this road, leaving to buy road." Derived from the understanding. Good turn to the question –

blog sales!

before my article on the blog marketing awareness which has been about the blog is to operate, there is not much to say. Intentions of the Zhuang Jiazhang is certainly better than the kind of bean Nanshan makers better, but the long good banker also have a good sales channels, or even good makers will rot in the ground smelly at home. The fundamental purpose of sales and profit, it is to make money. Name Bo flow, and also not necessarily a few bloggers, then the money is on the Internet, the blog is an independent server. With the popularity of the name of the business, advertising can earn a lot of money, so Bo Bo server maintenance costs will be saved. Maybe it’s a kind of thinking, not just for money and profit. What is thought, it is easier to capture a person than money. If a person’s thoughts were captured, then captured will persist with ideological communicators, as he hopes, for their spiritual leader! Hot Blog sales objective may not be so simple, personal understanding, hope that God forgive me if I have offended you.

below to talk about our common people such as the operation of the blog. Seo blog is mainly to make money for the purpose of profit, they are in search engine rankings, the influence of the industry will be greater. Big influence to achieve the ultimate goal – sales. Sales of their skills, sales of their own experience, to sell their own level, the ultimate profit. There are business blog, for example, in order to promote their own Taobao mall in the shelves of the baby, to promote their books, to promote their site technology, their programming capabilities, etc.. These blogs have their own theme, have their own products or skills, they sell things that are their products or skills. Profit or ultimate goal. This blog is not the main way to make money through advertising, but selling products, selling skills.

sales channels from where, from the search engine, the channel has to generate orders, orders how to generate a look at the product (goods, skills collectively referred to as the product) quality, two to see customer satisfaction. Ask: good things, there must be some others? Good quality stuff, can satisfy the customer? The answer is no, no! No matter how good the quality, but with the customer demand on the number, nobody wants, then there is no order. The quality is good, take it to the customer, take a plow mouth (my brother called Shunliu in the classic lines) said over the days, the customer said, well, what is the good stuff, but there is a better light matter >?

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