A successful online education platform must have five links

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Before the start of

, allowing Scarlett to say: I’m sorry, Lang has not come to share. Online education well into the series of 50, then why do some share of online education so difficult? Why watching others so simple, and they are flying blind? Why they can finance, and we still prick the


actually, the answer is very simple, you or he has not mastered the five aspects of online education. In the view of Jia Lang, each link is very important to attract and retain, transformation, initiative, repeat.

attracts sea fishing, bait is better than

for online education platform, when the project is scheduled to determine the line, it will be a problem of operation, and this is not just the issue of online education entrepreneurship, but also the problem of all entrepreneurs. But for the former, the operating platform or tools rely on the user. No users of the project, are unsuccessful, and how to attract users, it becomes a matter of operator, it becomes a problem of flow. Users that traffic, traffic is not a user.

how to attract users of traditional educational institutions practice is nothing more than a few:

(1) Baidu bidding. Every year hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars to Baidu, calculated in accordance with a click of 2-5 yuan, down conversion is ten, or about one million, to optimize the educational institutions good to be able to use one click on the price a few hair, then it must flow. The flow of the play, is only suitable for some platforms, such as Chinese listed educational institutions, according to the annual investment in Baidu is the lowest one million level, not with other Baidu products or brand advertising, advertising auction etc..

(2) line advertising. There are strategic minded operators, are a dime to the extreme, so the general advertising will pull the company a lot of brands, and even some advertising is about two products of things, and so is the platform to push online.

(3) join or distribute. New Oriental online, Huanggang school and other institutions, has always been a join or distribution strategy, but also the entire platform most sources of income. If you rely solely on the platform itself, it is difficult to support the platform’s long-term goal planning.

more investment, income is higher, the three ways are the traditional platform play well, but with the change of market and channels, more and more ways to enter it, it becomes more and more difficult to attract users. User vision, more selective, serious shunt. For most of the online education platform, in accordance with the above method feasibility and the degree of difficulty, Baidu bid is relatively easy to launch, and the next line of advertising, it is good to first precipitation; or distribution, it is just the icing on the cake to do better.

For example: Huanggang

school, with the help of online education momentum, in just a year’s time, to be able to do "

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