After the new sea Amoy transport company hidden trick 400 yuan commodity tax 200

scouring the sea more than 400 yuan of goods and taxes amounted to $200

transport company can not provide tax according to consumer dissatisfaction caused

– IT Times reporter Zhang Yuwei

with the fall of the sea Amoy new tax, many want to save the sea Amoy family have chosen to embrace the "company", but the user is reflected to transport company playing Maoni, without authorization in tax in order to gloss it over. Recently, some readers to the IT times complained that he was to be transferred to the company pit.

high taxes and fees for consumers to accept

Fuzhou Ms. Lin at the end of February this year in the United States Godiva official website to buy a 7 chocolate price at $68.84 (about 450 yuan), shipped from the port through the free state transport company Pegasus Schindler. In March 16 Ms. Lam purchased 16 American chocolate into the warehouse, pay the freight $28 after the start of transport. But nearly a month later, the transfer of goods is still not delivered, according to the normal delivery cycle, up to three to four weeks can be sent to." To this end, Ms. Lin contact Tianma Schindler repeatedly several times before the customer service, customer service reply is in clearance, but by mid March, Ms. Lin offered to customer service call, notify her goods detained by customs, need to pay 98 yuan fee."

Lin believes that the commodity price less than 500 yuan, tax amounted to 98 yuan, the unreasonable requirements, customer service staff to provide customs tax basis, but the other replies "no". Due to concerns about the hot weather, chocolate is easy to deteriorate, Ms. Lin had to pay 98 yuan of taxes and fees to the shipping company. After paying the tax, Ms. Lin asked the customer service staff when they can receive the goods, the other side of the answer is: to wait until the tax notice of the customs. Postage plus tax, chocolate prices suddenly increased by 200 yuan, and domestic prices almost unchanged. Why pay so much tax, Ms. Lin still puzzled: "what is the customs to be taxed, or without authorization for the transport company? Why is smoking tax, also does not have a certificate?"

as of press time reporter, Ms. Lin still did not receive her chocolate.

transport company can not provide tax on the basis of

then the reporter contacted the claim to the Schindler headquarters in the United States Tianma transport company, the reporter asked to look at the single tax, the other answer given is: under normal circumstances, the U.S. Postal service go USPS line, can directly query the tax details on the official website, but Ms. Lin purchased to buy chocolate transport is taking the A port the line, no way to query specific tax. "This is the customs directly inform us of the collection, we only received the report, the specific situation is not very clear."

, a reporter from the transport industry insiders Department learned that Pegasus Schindler staff called A port is running mail route clearance, for small personal goods, if less than 50 yuan can enjoy tax exemption. After the implementation of the new policy in April 8th, the practice of 50 yuan tax exemption is still retained, but for small individuals >

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