Enterprise brand image diversification network marketing channel promotion way

after the financial crisis, now the students are working hard to find, and network promotion, basically is a website needs, and network promotion is also very low barriers to entry. If you start to do today, or just want to do network promotion friends, share their learning network promotion experience and recommend some other learning channels. This world is not afraid of do not understand, but not willing to study hard. (this is what I see on the Internet a few days ago, in a word, ha ha) for how from what they don’t know how to learn, here I respectively and share network marketing is a diversified multi-channel promotion way, as long as it is for their own development mode can try. Choose the right network marketing tools before I have seen a forum marketing tool (HB00.CN) are also doing well, and I found that he did have key words: " webmaster forum " I think it is quite difficult for the keywords to do yo, but I’ve always found his words have been on the rise, may is the more devastating SEO master! Ha ha; (features: popularity, large flow, high visibility) can make your promotion effect multiplier.

The fundamental purpose of

1, the network marketing is a low cost, high efficiency of the Internet platform to quickly build and promote enterprise image and products, market acceptance of the effective feedback, differentiation management of potential customers, and achieve sales growth promotion.

information age, how to use the Internet to reduce marketing costs, rapid access to customer resources and the market is a must have to pay attention to each business. Popular speaking, the effective information faster and better delivery to consumers is the fundamental purpose of network marketing. After the purpose of marketing, the choice of marketing tools is important.

2, marketing tools: the official website, B2B e-commerce platform, industry sites, search engines, instant messaging tools, etc..

official website

is a perfect official website is to customers and partners to fully display the good enterprise image and product platform, information accuracy, real-time and professional is directly affect the three major elements of the marketing effect. Keep the official website updated and authoritative, try to avoid unnecessary mistakes, through pictures, text, video and links to the full display of the most impressive impression to the customer.

B2B e-commerce platform

for specific circumstances (brands, regional distributors and agents are our main customer base, not directly facing the terminal market), B2B promotion is the most appropriate. The use of Alibaba HC and other mainstream B2B website, has the advantages of commercial users, traffic, visibility, market share and Global trade website ranking far more than other similar B2B website information is easy to search engines and other web crawling, greater scope to expand the brand influence. The disadvantage is that the information is not accurate, resulting in high cost of communication, will blur the brand, bring a lot of inquiry, there will be a lot of telemarketing calls.

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