Android platform issues focus on the outbreak of developer interest decline


external developers on the Android platform the loss of interest (Tencent technology plan)


Android devices use different versions of the ratio (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Zhong Tao) April 22nd Beijing time news, the U.S. technology blog Business Insider today published a review article said, although the 2011 Google Android platform develops quickly. However, after entering in 2012, Android began to encounter a series of problems, including the loss of interest and increasing external developers platform fragmentation and mobile operators to seek other mobile phone platform etc..

below is the full text of the article:

decreased interest

Facebook announced last week, will be $1 billion acquisition of mobile image sharing application developer Instagram. This is not good news for the Android platform, the reason is that the transaction shows: even if the developer does not use the premise of the Android platform, the same can also achieve a huge market success.

some people might point out, before being acquired Facebook, Instagram just launched for Android devices applications and users are welcome, it should be to promote one of the main reasons for buying the Instagram. But the reality is that before the introduction of Android applications, Instagram received a request for the acquisition of Facebook, and the company has also completed a new round of financing, investors valued up to $500 million.

this is the case, it is equivalent to the explicit information sent to the outside developers: first of all, the development of iOS applications, Android platform should be placed in second. In fact, this phenomenon has become clear. Relevant statistics show that the interest of external developers on the Android platform is waning. Android developers will be treated as two platforms, ordinary users will gradually agree with this view.

Tablet PC

Android platform is currently facing another big problem is that in the tablet PC market, the performance of the Android platform can be described as a mess. In the tablet PC market, Android had the opportunity to challenge apple iOS, and a leading position in the market. Only Android’s efforts in this area have not yet been successful.

this situation shows that the success of Android in the field of smart phones, mainly due to the mobile operator factors. Android mobile phone sales have been able to more than apple iPhone, due to the United States

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