A number of nternet sites spread rumors were investigated according to law

  Xinhua Beijing, March 30, according to a spokesman for the state Internet information office today disclosed that a number of Internet sites spread rumors were investigated according to law.

recently, some criminals on the Internet to fabricate and spread the so-called "malicious unprovoked military Beijing, Beijing accident" rumors. A few sites in violation of relevant state laws and regulations, lax management, resulting in the online rumors spread, resulting in adverse social impact. According to the "National People’s Congress Standing Committee’s decision on safeguarding Internet Security", "Internet information services management approach", "Internet news information service management regulations" and other laws and regulations, the state Internet Information Office, instructed the relevant departments of the local network management severely punished, the telecommunications administration according to the law of Meizhou, Xingning 528 windows network forum, Dongyang the hotline, E Beijing net 16 rumor, rumor, the adverse social impact of poor management of the site to be closed.

According to the Sina

and the Tencent micro blog site the rumors, in violation of the relevant laws and regulations of the state, the adverse effects caused by the problem, Beijing city and Guangdong province Internet information management department respectively raised serious criticism of the two sites, the corresponding punishment. Two sites that should earnestly implement the relevant requirements, to take corrective measures to further strengthen management.

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