17 issues speak through the 2016 AR VR status

in early 2016, we are optimistic about the growth of the AR/VR market, more than a report predicts that within 10 years, AR and VR will generate tens of billions of dollars in revenue. But by the middle of this year, the slow growth of the entire market, people can not help but start to doubt. Even Fortune magazine published an article in July 5th that "VR doesn’t look like that". On the second day of the publication of the article, "Poké mon GO"; published within a month, this AR game 100 million downloads.

so, with the popularization of AR/VR technology, the continuous improvement of the influx of capital and mobile devices, stunning world of "Poké GO"; Mon, AR/VR marked the industry outlook has improved


for a better understanding of the AR/VR industry status quo and future trends, Perkins Coie LLP, combined with UploadVR of more than 650 from AR/VR, a start-up company founders and executives, technical director, investors and so on.

in their view, 2016 and is the key to the development of AR/VR for two years, but the lack of attractive content, bad user experience and costs, will become a major obstacle to the development of AR/VR. One of the respondents, with a simple and vivid statement is a blueprint for the development of AR/VR in the next few years: "compelling content will drive demand will drive demand; technological innovation; technical innovation will bring a large number of users; users will expand the market growth. The commercialization of content, in order to promote the development of the whole industry chain."

detailed report as follows.

1, the next year, do you think AR/VR in which three areas will be the most investment applications



respondents believe that the game, film and television and broadcast will be the largest investment in the next three areas. Among them, the respondents choose the proportion of investors in the game, the proportion of respondents choose to play than the other 16% higher, which also shows that the game is currently the focus of investor attention.

about 1/4 of respondents believe that education (30%) and medical / medical equipment (24%) will get more investment. This shows that although start-up companies are developing AR/VR solutions for these areas, but they are still in the initial stage, and the next year it is difficult to attract a lot of investment.

2, the biggest obstacle to the popularity of VR technology is what



respondents will be the user experience as the biggest obstacle to the popularity of VR Technology (38%), and pointed out that the VR’s top two key historical defects: technical failures and consumers are reluctant to wear heavy and binding equipment. However, there are 3>

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