n addition to business platform competition eleven Ali how to play

is now the double eleven, Ali is no longer a solo. To Ali after the listing of the first and eleven double preparations for the eleven policy wildly beating gongs and drums, two other electronic business platform also gradually released.

[Jingdong: Asia one high-profile war]

high-profile declaration of War 11 double crazy red envelopes

Jingdong high-profile announced that it will start from November 1st, eleven days of double promotional activities for 12 days. In terms of commodity purchase, Jingdong proprietary products to take direct support for the quality of the brand to ensure quality; while in the third party platform, Jingdong settled from businesses, operations, sales, supervision and other aspects of the whole process of governance efforts.

Asia one put into operation the biggest double eleven

Jingdong is located in Shanghai’s first Asia one modern logistics center (phase I) will be put into use on the eve of the eleven major promotion. This will enhance the ability of Jingdong in the eleven double promotion order processing. After the Jingdong will be put into use in Guangzhou, Shenyang and Wuhan and many other Asia one warehouse. Its in Beijing, Chengdu, Xi’an and other places of Asia one project is also planning and construction of the preparatory.


Jingdong micro shop scenes overweight

Jingdong micro shop will become an important role in this year’s mobile Jingdong double eleven. Jingdong side said, from October 25th onwards, hundreds of Jingdong businesses including 55 Jingdong micro shop, will provide hundreds of millions of dollars in store coupons, shopping and mobile phone joint Jingdong WeChat QQ jointly launched the double eleven shopping warm-up activities "to everybody to fake interactive games. At the same time, the Jingdong will launch hundreds of millions of dollars of wireless exclusive fit envelopes, can be used in micro shop Jingdong.

[pat Network: Pat micro shop into the main force]

new pat 11 play secret

new pat will launch a large promotional activities in the mobile terminal during the double 11, which will be the main store pat micro shop. The new pat will launch special events in November 1st and November 10th to 12 days into the activity period of the outbreak in November 18th will select high-quality commercial activities. During the pat Network PC end of the platform will be a comprehensive business to pat micro shop drainage.


WeChat Channel Battle double 11

social + fans micro shop play law is to pat the network war double 11 weapons. For the first time into the "double 11" battlefield, pat Network president Kui Ying Chun pointed out, do not want again next year made the "double 11", a micro shop every business every day you can do "double 11", in her view, with a strong social attributes of WeChat brings a sense of trust for the user, and mobile terminal the user provides the possibility whenever and wherever possible shopping, pat micro shop is trying to use WeChat enhanced shopping sticky circle of friends.

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