Why can’t you write

anyone who tries to stall will claim to have the disease.

if you don’t have it, it just means you’re not.

but in fact, such a disease is a reason to be avoided.


in the "how to make the horse fly," a book, there are some obstacles to the creation of this interpretation, I will combine with their own experience to do so for the analysis of the disease.

symptoms: most creators will claim their inspiration now what are not, do not know what to write, or write a word to write down, and feel irritable.

even if they keep changing space, relax and even travel abroad, but as long as a back table, it is still blank, feelings of anxiety, and they don’t want to completely relax during the is to remember that a damn job.

condition: the moment of work is not satisfactory, but also do not know how to write, think before writing works better, or feel that they should be able to write better work on this work, how to see how to hate, want to reinvent the wheel, or even do not write the work, but due to work or the deadline approaching, only Yiziyizi engraved, as engraved on his bone, every one is suffering.

: most of this type of situation, the cause appears after the previous works of the critically acclaimed sequel, regardless of the past have been highly, or people looking forward to you this time work. At this time many creators will have a kind of: I must write better than the last work, or, I can not let others down.

this mood will lead to the shackles of your creation, tied to the development of your thoughts, so that you write any word will feel: it seems to be a little better.

beginners in creation, there have been no such symptoms, because no one knows what they are writing, nobody expected anything from them, they don’t need to care about the opinions of others, because they never work and even they had the creation have not been recognized before, so they won’t feel before good practice, will only continue to try new practices.

has many great artists after the first shock, work began to be considered down, even if the subsequent works are great, but many people still think that the past is the most classic.


and creator of the most nightmare message is probably: "you back", "before you write better", "you have no previous level", "the good works of disappointment, or before the good. "

again is the prize, if the creators have been in the field of awards, he’ll have a disorder symptoms, because all that for a while they focus on him, that everyone is not necessarily a symptom, depending on the individual mood adjustment and growth.

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