Daily topic WeChat phone on the line is to the operator’s life

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network November 13th news yesterday, Tencent announced its "WeChat phone book" Android version of the V3.0 and iOS version of v1.0 officially launched, the biggest feature is the ability to call the HD free phone also has automatic backup contacts, import WeChat head, bulk SMS, bulk delete contacts and other functions.

The WeChat

phone is an intelligent communication software, the biggest characteristic is to be able to call the toll free telephone network, at the same time with automatic backup contacts, import WeChat head, bulk SMS, bulk delete contacts and other functions, the 1.0.0 version yesterday to landing Android and apple applications store. WeChat phone book can not be called fresh applications. By Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G network call technology is called VoIP, the most successful players in this field is Skype. Skype is the world’s first free voice call software, currently has more than 300 million active users.

according to official reports, WeChat phone book under 2G/3G/4G network call one minute consumes about 300K traffic; standby consumption flow to 1K/ hours after successful registration for the first time; automatic backup contacts need to consume a small amount of traffic (300 backup contacts need to flow up to about 60K); add / delete / modify contacts will automatically change the backup data. Single contact consumption flow 0.2K.

WeChat phone book triggered a fierce debate in the traditional telecommunications industry, Internet practitioners. Telecom industry analysts believe that "free phone is a false concept", "is not a threat to operators", the reason is either 4G/3G or WiFi fixed network operators still cannot do without the data network, and voice carriers package enough users. Internet practitioners responded that free Internet products will exclusing charge traditional operators lifeblood, operators should accelerate the transformation.

China Mobile third quarter earnings, the first three quarters, SMS usage fell by 20.2%, while mobile network data traffic grew by 98.6%. Although affected by WeChat and other instant messaging tools, short message service significantly compressed, but in a non WiFi environment, the user’s traffic expenditure is a large-scale growth. WeChat’s free phone call, but the phone will become a value-added service charges.

it is worth noting that WeChat phone book on the product layout, it is still possible to become an important piece of Tencent. WeChat phone book by Tencent before the "QQ address book" this application to upgrade, and the QQ address book had been built earlier in WeChat, initially aimed at the main user’s address book". And now, in the WeChat almost out of the life of the message, WeChat phone book may really run out of the phone call to life. Although the current version of the WeChat phone is still very elementary, but it can not be ruled out in the subsequent version of the gradual realization of the true meaning of the free phone, then this product is called the word >

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