The same floor network Hou just 2009 will expand to life information services

May 17th morning news, 2009 of the fourth Internet webmaster will be held in Beijing, the general assembly to "will grow in the end" as the theme, Sina Technology for the meeting and interview with chief partner portal. Founder of the same floor, said in an interview with the network, the site will be extended to the life of information services in 2009.

for the following interview just record.

sina science and technology: welcome to the floor of the network of Hou Gang to accept our interview, we should listen to the name of the building, it should be a building as a unit of the site?

Hou Gang: Yes, we are the same building to office buildings and office buildings in such a background, we started from the second half of 2006, is now more than two years of time the user is covering the size of the office of the situation.

sina science and technology: PV to introduce us?

Hou Gang: PV is the number of thousands of people online. We are here, is a feature that is in office building as the main body, so a relatively strong trust between users, because of the location is near, everyone is on the same floor, so you can extend some very good application, such as the same building can be a weekend party. Play can find the same floor of the people go out and fight meal, carpool, Article 21 we emphasize the truth, this is not true we emphasize that we are real relationship of this phenomenon, but we emphasize the head between the user and the user is all real picture, we each user is true, only in the the real head of the user to let him through. So the real avatar as a platform, the user trust closer, so the user is relatively large two.

sina science and technology: we are now in the building as a unit, we compared with some of the SNS site, we do what special settings?

Hou Gang: special setting is mainly because SNS is popular all over the country, like our website forum is SNS, because we in this building as unit, is a relatively close distance, especially in the past that will develop some of the same floor of the same building party ah, to fight meal, with the floor in the same building for carpool users the main body of the more convenient.

sina science and technology: at present every day so many PV user contact?

Hou Gang: contact is very high. This can be seen from our web site, about 30% of users log on to our users every week.

sina science and technology: at present several cities use

Hou Gang: at present, the city is more user and Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai these cities.

sina science and technology: how does our company manage?

Hou Gang: first of all, we set up a VIP client, VIP customers have a lot of space. The second income is our ground activity, we have a large number of ground activities every week, each time there are hundreds of people to participate in the event, this one we can

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