The implementation of Larry domain shixian com six digit change

renamed China ( November 17th news, recently, "" Larry domain was acquired with 6 digit price, another "gossip" Larry domain also recently completed transactions.

figure: to achieve web page screenshot


domain name was registered in 2003, "the implementation of the line of sight, poet, decorative lines, fresh food, Xian" meaning, suitable to build delicacy website, the liquor business platform, terminal portal website etc.. A terminal network (, by Taibai Liquor ( etc.. "Larry domain gossip, quack" meaning, suitable to build entertainment website, website book of divination. According to the "Chinese whois information query, the domain name was registered in December 10, 1998, has been nearly 16 years of history register.

Larry domain for the meaning of many websites, suitable for a wide range, coupled with the terminal of the same name is Larry is easy for people to remember and enter, and thus have many domain name investors and terminal like in the domain name investment community value is expected to rise.

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