Porn website domain name Xxx price drop 90% 7 85

two major Internet porn giant recently reached an agreement with a lawsuit, significantly reducing the price of.Xxx porn domain name.

Prior to

,.Xxx domain name registration price is usually between $70 to $100, the wholesale price of $60. However, according to the agreement, the transaction will be in May.Xxx domain price will fall sharply. Registered.Xxx domain name is only $7.85, the same price as the.Com domain name.

the lawsuit filed by Manwin, the company has a number of adult websites, including Brazzers, YouPorn. Manwin ICM registered company with $60 in sales of high price.Xxx domain blocks the market, although the ICM does not admit that it is wrong to do so, but the settlement makes Manwin can save a lot of money in the future.Xxx domain name registration.

.Xxx is a registered company in the United States, Florida, ICM, the ".Xxx" for the adult website domain name, with the existing generic top-level domain name ".Com." and ".Net". .xxx has received much attention since the open registration, the first month in the operation of the.Xxx domain name ICM (December 2011),.Xxx domain name registration number reached 106549.

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