The rapid development of dating sites find the money left on the male 3S lady

with the urban elder unmarried youth increased, "left male 3S lady" became popular, it also spawned a dating website and forum. Such as Jiayuan,,, cherished network dating site, a time to become single users sought goal.

, however, along with the rapid development of the marriage website, the problem has also become a hot topic of Internet users.


dating site liar identity authentication deposit problem

May 11th, is the largest China serious dating site called Jiayuan listed on NASDAQ in the United States, Chinese became the first US listed dating sites. At the same time, an article entitled "addressed to the Nasdaq, Jiayuan, Gong Haiyan, Gan Jianping’s" open letter circulated on the internet.

, a man named Liu Qing Jiayuan paid members said, as a paid member in Jiayuan website is false information to registered members of fraud, Jiayuan failed to provide real and effective information, causing the deceived and hurt the body.

According to Liu Qing

, in February 2, 2010, she registered with a Jiayuan information surnamed Liu as a central enterprises financial director acquaintance. More than half a month later, two people in the field to go on a road accident, Liu Qing multiple fractures. In the process of handling the accident, she found the man surnamed Liu is dating under the guise of occupation liar, and were reported to jiayuan. In addition to the gender is true, the other is false." Liu Qing said.

Liu Qing later in Baidu input "Jiayuan liar", actually found about 300000 ". In order to allow more victims to stand up, she decided to open his name and phone number, real name report.

soon forty or fifty people contact with Liu Qing, they all over the world, including overseas chinese. We all have a similar experience, cheated money cheat color, and some even pregnant abortion. Let Liu Qing stunned that she found the man surnamed Liu early in 2008 in the same way to fool a female civil servants.

for Liu Qing encounter, Jiayuan said in response, has been a member of the report and notify the blacklist and had a female member contact. Jiayuan said members of the uploaded information will be the corresponding audit, but can not completely guarantee the authenticity of the information.

for the authenticity of membership authentication, Jiayuan personnel administration director Zhang Yu once told the media that day, there are more than 50 thousand registered members, each with 5 photos, the difficulty of the work as can be imagined. "We just check whether the photos are yellow, synthetic, or steal the star is very difficult, we can not recognize the two or three line star photos."

According to industry sources,

, education, income, and even identity, gender can be virtual, there is no way to verify one by one. Even if the certificate information is true, but the authenticity of the marital status is also the website >

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