Website pain was vulgar content killer

what is a killer website, can optimize the flow?, Baidu can coax, the server can spend money to popularity? Can stay, but you can’t control this happened, vulgar content is a killer, supervisor is a killer, a station passed all servers between.

noon (webmaster wake-up time), open eye (Midnight Midnight boiled), seeing the outside under the snow, just as sites like so lonely, so bad, my heart burst of cold, open the habit of my favorite "TouchNet 1.30 edition", hackers use special browser. It does not know how many times the batch horse, still can not give up the love for him is simple, efficient, no flash switch, used to enter the, issued Kaka sound (with the browser, open the normal voice), no horse message, then 51yes traffic statistics, normal heart, quiet a lot, suddenly remembered before Admin5 bought the intermediary station, although not how, but there are still some traffic, kaka. Enter, no response?. Some of the other station login server, as no response, panic, thinking is a few days before the customer said strike without the record, but not ah, some station is prepared will not open ah, then 3389, login. Sign in。 Come up with a question mark, come up, open the IIS are no problem, Khan, there is no problem how not to open it, then contact customer service:

chat content is as follows:



to check the


, "15:56:56

" dream Xuan




, "15:57:18

" dream Xuan

strike like 3 months


, "15:57:25

" dream Xuan

some bitter days;


YuhuaI can not open the record



the entire server station can not open the

, "16:01:04

" dream Xuan

which server does not open?



, "16:01:35

" dream Xuan

remote can you



remote can

16:02:> Yuhua

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