As a Webmaster we tolerate the relief fraud zero

I am also a webmaster ( in order to give Sichuan a little to the people in the disaster areas, a busy day of donation, successfully remitted the first donation. Have to rest to work early tomorrow, but see website reports that some criminals use the Sichuan earthquake to defraud war profiteers, let me very angry, in the disaster area at the critical moment, everyone in the disaster relief Our wills unite like a fortress. when these fake donation fraud even animals do not like, we resolutely to false donation fraud zero tolerance. Compared to those Qingnangerchu, these bad acts make people face twitching! These heinous acts of fraud, believe that every kind of people will tearless rage. More terrible than the disaster is relentless, more people than the evil of human nature is unstoppable abomination.


Sichuan earthquake occurred only a few days, I found several disaster borrow the name of fraud money, there are two forms of deception, they keep their eyes open, to prevent criminals attempting to take the opportunity to fish in troubled waters a fiscal disaster".

, SMS fraud: such fraudulent messages currently mainly has 3 forms, one is posing as SMS recipient to relatives, were injured in the earthquake in the name, let the message recipients remit medical expenses; another is the name of donation mechanism, "calling" message recipient to donate money and love; another is fake dear ones, that was transferred to the relief line, by the opportunity to "spend" meritorious promotion on the grounds, let the message recipient remit money.

two, website fraud:

this kind of fraud, the use of enthusiastic people’s psychology, copy of the Red Cross website or copy the portal donation page, by sending e-mail or instant messaging tool to raise money illusion. Because online payment convenient, easy to confuse Internet users. To deal with such fraud as long as you can identify the authenticity of the URL from the site can be identified. Chinese Red Cross official website is; and in the Taobao online with "one fund donation love shops like the related accounts are illegal, state law clearly stipulates that are not allowed in private donations.

for these two kinds of fraud, good people beware of traps and scams. Chinese Red Cross and other agencies have never had the personal name of charity account, nor by email, MSN, QQ and other tools to spread fundraising in the network, the name of remittances are units of account, such as "China poverty alleviation fund", "Chinese Red Cross Foundation". Donation channels on the Internet through the formal access to large portals, so as not to be fooled. Please pay attention to the general public to identify the authenticity, if necessary, to the Red Cross and other institutions. At present, the provincial public security organs throughout the criminal investigation section, has in-depth Mopai such cases. At the same time we have to raise awareness, do not let crooks have the opportunity to cheat, so that this ugly phenomenon disappeared. For this situation also hope to actively report to the public security departments, and actively provide clues to crack down on fraud, these relief fraud, don’t let those good heart be liar damage >

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