Continue to drift and DNF merchants marketing plan book

PS: This is my finishing a web articles modified, the original author to analysis DNF virtual market, so most incisive, can write such real network marketing plan book deeply admire! See this article, I realized: 5 months ago, I came to Beijing guest network marketing college is to learn network marketing, after 4 months, I have to continue the research of network marketing, network marketing, rather than the most of the time wasted in DNF, I should focus on Internet marketing, spend more time in the network marketing related work or study! So, from now on I should continue to drift, continue to learn the network marketing.


PICK: 2 months ago, I had a personal emotional problems, leaving the Network Marketing Institute, leave home to rest for 2 weeks. At home during that time, I spent 1 weeks familiar with the DNF game. Until now to leave the DNF, the value of my backpack and body equipment has accumulated more than more than 3 thousand W game currency. In the game of sharing the experience of the mentality, I will be in the game to make money to write detailed business experience. To commemorate this once I am obsessed with online games, and now is not plug in erosion…

as a game player, if not through in-depth understanding of the market where the game, complete with their own impulses or on the market surface of the subjective feeling of reckless to do business, it is certainly good to eat "dumb". In the DNF game, the most commonly used technique is the hype, you may inadvertently on when, of course, if you are a "big money" (also known as the RMB game player) that does not matter. Although a lot of games in the business than the business reality is too simple, but it is not that you think the East Shopping sell so simple, if through the analysis, the principle of combining theory and actual demand, put into action, you will be able to grasp the running environment of the game in the market, the rapid accumulation of.

in various types of online games, usually have the following categories:

1 special game studio: by playing the game is a game player to make money, equipment level are next to them, brush strange, play boss games B or the best equipment, and then sold to the game player, this is their main job;

2: the occupation game player is RMB game player game player, understand money, willing to invest more, do not forget a kind of game player to make money, usually earn more than spend proficiency in a particular line, much more


3 occupation: fully understand the virtual world merchants supply and demand of virtual goods sector, understand a kind of game player reselling merchandise, know how to make money;

a, familiar with the market

first, before entering the DNF virtual market, you need to fully understand the history of the game, the content and the prospects for development, grasp the goods on the market sales and sales, this will give you a clear market demand and lay a solid foundation. Without a detailed analysis, see others to make money on the blind drill into, and then know that their resources are far from

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