2013 China online shopping transaction volume will reach 1 trillion and 850 billion yuan the growth

market size: online shopping transactions in 2013 reached 1 trillion and 850 billion yuan, an increase of 42.0%

According to iResearch

upcoming 2013 Chinese online shopping market data, 2013, China online shopping market transactions reached 1 trillion and 850 billion yuan, an increase of 42%, compared with 2012, the growth rate declined. According to the latest forecast of the Ministry of Commerce in 2013 the annual total retail sales of social consumer goods data, in 2013, the proportion of online shopping transactions accounted for the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods will reach 7.8%, an increase of 1.6 percentage points over last year.

iResearch believes that with the Internet users shopping habits gradually develop, online shopping related norms established gradually and the network shopping environment gradually improved China online shopping market will gradually enter the mature stage, the next few years, online shopping market growth will stabilize. At the same time, along with the traditional large-scale enterprises to enter the electricity supplier industry, China provinces in Western China and middle east line three or four City shopping network potential will be further developed, with the development of mobile Internet to promote mobile Internet shopping more convenient, Chinese online shopping market overall will maintain relatively fast growth, is expected to 2016-2017 China online shopping market transactions will reach 40000 yuan.

market structure: B2C accounts continued to increase in 2013 reached 35.1%

iResearch data show that in 2013 China B2C online shopping market transactions amounted to 650 billion yuan, reached 35.1% in the overall market size of online shopping proportion increased by 5.5 percentage points higher than in 2012 29.6%. From the growth point of view, the rapid growth of the B2C market, in 2013 China’s online shopping B2C market grew by 68.4%, much higher than the growth rate of the C2C market, the B2C market will continue to become the main driving force of the online shopping industry in. It is estimated that by 2017, the proportion of B2C in the overall online shopping market transaction scale will exceed C2C, reaching 52.4%.

Analysis of

iResearch, B2C has become the main driving force China online shopping market is mainly due to: (1) from the market perspective, the development of C2C market is relatively stable, growth space is limited, while the B2C market in many companies can enter, there are more market opportunities, the future will also have a larger space for development; (2) from the perspective of enterprises, in addition to the traditional B2C business website, traditional enterprises have also joined the B2C market, B2C is gradually valued by large enterprises; (3) from the consumer perspective, with the gradual development of online shopping and online shopping, users of consumer attitudes gradually changed, the demands on the quality of goods and constantly improve compared with C2C, B2C, to better meet consumer demands of online shopping users in terms of credibility and quality assurance.

future trends: platform B2C, O2O and cross-border electricity providers will be >

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