No two 11 Ye play Dunhuang network ahead of Christmas promotion

October 17th news, in the fast selling busy double 11 big promotion in the preparation of the Dunhuang network has entered the early Christmas Carnival, launched this year, the last time to promote the activities of the seller called.

learned billion state power network, Dunhuang network to promote the Christmas period lasts from October 14th to November 18th, including four activities: October 14th to October 21st "Thanksgiving theme", from October 21st to October 28th "24 hours from October 28th to November 11th, limited panic buying" "whole category promotion", from November 11th to November 18th "top shops the whole shop promotion".

according to the Dunhuang network, during the event, the platform will release $600 thousand coupons to detonate the passion to buy Christmas, and through SEO, EDM, PPC, SMS, mobile client channels to promote activities. By then, the seller store traffic growth rate will increase by 180%, GMV growth is expected to increase by 155%, orders volume growth of 42%.


Dunhuang network is expected to promote the activities of the effect of

Dunhuang network pointed out that the theme of Thanksgiving activities for the United States and Canada buyers to participate in the activities of the product discounts ranging from seventy percent off to 5% off. 24 hour limited buy event for the entire platform VIP buyers, discounts from half off to 5% off. The full range of promotional activities for the entire platform active buyers, the minimum discount of ninety percent off. Top shop full store promotions are also active buyers for the entire platform, seventy percent off to 5% off of the goods, but the platform needs to operate at a rate of more than 90%, the rate of return of less than 6.5%, the dispute rate of less than 4.5% of the sellers to participate.

billion state power network to understand, in fact, the Christmas season is not only the foreign electricity supplier collective big promotion season, one of the activities is also a year of cross-border electricity supplier biggest investment. Generally speaking, November will reach the peak of the Christmas season. Since this year, aliexpress joined Ali xiongdihuo "double 11" team, currently not involved in Christmas promotional activities, but the "double 11 big promotion and Dunhuang net" Christmas Carnival "are coincident in time. Sellers can not help but said: "to see which platform more flow and more dazzle!"

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