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| Sun Hongchao

shisexingye, and Confucius in the "book of Rites" in the sense of "the natural instincts of man, human desires." While chowhound they most often catch phrase is: "iron rice is a steel, do not eat a meal hungry." These words or paper or white reflects a fact, whether you are still slogging away at school students, or CBD are white-collar workers, or billionaires, eat is a problem must be solved.

Chinese has always been all trades in the restaurant is king ", but now the catering enterprises have shifted competition platform from the kitchen and store to the keyboard, telephone lines and wheels. Young white-collar workers, college students sitting in the bedroom, at home and even in the office, tapping the keyboard a few minutes later, there is a good food to your door.

technology NetEase sent the circle of the famous chowhound reporter to experience the current three ordering website well-known circle of hungry, delicacy, home meal net, and experience the three traditional fast-food chain online meal ordering: KFC, Pizza Hut and Domino’s (a pizza chain), experience the location for the North Sanhuan the road to a small, time for the weekend to rest at noon or in the evening.

let the mouth Diao chowhound is not satisfied, all the food O2O promised delivery time in more than half an hour to reach even 1 hours, this will make the most of the affected taste. Only with regard to, compared with the traditional fast food chain catering O2O online meal ordering, there is still a long way to go.

what is the nature of hungry: software company?

first experience of the ordering website is naturally small ads overwhelming hungry, reporters even seen their ads in an office building in the public toilet.

hungry early experience is not too good, the page looks very simple, the vast majority of dishes without pictures. There are users on the Internet Tucao said this style looks like a simplified version of the Chengdu snack menu. According to the reporter hungry most of delivery are served directly by the hotel reservation, which brought a lot of problems. The first is the logistics very slow, almost all orders will be delivered in an hour or so, and even some restaurants even higher than in the speed of telephone orders hungry meal; the second is the majority of users must have their own takeaway downstairs to take meal; the final problem is due to the lack of professional delivery personnel. Which soup with food packaging is very bad. In the distribution within a radius of nearly 50 restaurants or snacks are more than 20 yuan sent, but the reporter found a small detail is very subtle, a small shop in the drinks and snacks each sold 10 yuan, 1+1 package is 19 yuan, but the room is from 20 to send.

according to the hungry chief strategy officer Kang Jia introduced, currently hungry each cost about 20 yuan -30 yuan, and the reporter observed the results of almost. It is said that hungry has brought more than a million years of water for a number of restaurants, but its main profit model has nothing to do with water, Kang >

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