From the electricity supplier to the next step to sell the O2O line stores

these two days suddenly there is a feeling, from the electricity supplier to the O2O development process, the next step will be the flow of goods sold to the store market evolution. In fact, this is happening, just O2O the head is too big, over look at this problem in many people’s eyes.

The joint

Ali High German, Amoy little push, with Alipay wallet; Tencent pushed WeChat to pay, to create Twitter Life; Jingdong for comprehensive transformation platform, next year to explore O2O. These three have become the same goal of electronic business platform and O2O platform, but also have a large flow of foundation.

in the traditional business era, which has large flow of electronic business platform will only flow shop can be sold in various forms, and in the O2O era, as the electricity supplier and O2O platform will need to find ways to sell their traffic line stores.

these days, UNIQLO’s case is the occasion, they will introduce all online traffic line stores in the form of O2O is actually the business platform will be sold to businesses of the micro deformation flow form. Directly speaking, is the electronic business platform to sell traffic UNIQLO’s offline stores, but this process also need to do its UNIQLO transformation work to guide online traffic, reflect this behind the current electricity supplier O2O platform is still not advanced. It is in line with the current status of the industry, O2O is still immature, no one can do direct traffic to the line of stores, but the future will be achieved.

The intersection of the

online shopping and store shopping in the O2O mode, with the development of the electricity supplier industry, this intersection is more and more big, now several flow brings together a large number of electronic business platform will put more traffic to the line of stores, which is mainly due to the development of mobile internet.

The importance of

mobile electricity supplier is not its impact on the existing online shopping market as well as the challenges of PC online shopping model. Mobile end of the online shopping experience, however, can not be compared to the PC side, PC side of the screen is greater, faster operation, faster web browsing, product browsing, and so many of the advantages of the mobile terminal is incomparable.

mobile business is more important to accelerate the electricity supplier to O2O across, it can drive the business expansion in the greater market today, the food industry into such rapid electricity supplier process is brought, the development of mobile Internet. No mobile Internet, many online and offline connections can not get through, the development of O2O can only be stagnant.

from the electricity supplier to the O2O, the mobile Internet has played a decisive role. Today, the major electricity providers are busy building O2O platform, soon after, when the major electricity supplier’s O2O platform is completed, it is necessary to start selling to the next line stores. The future of goods and food and beverage market will be the majority of the network, the electricity supplier to the consumer market change has just begun.

you need to get ready for the next line, you can not bother to buy their traffic, but some people would like to buy. What is traffic

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