Domain name system is becoming increasingly important

Beijing, March 7, the Internet security issues are increasingly under the trend of public attention, the domain name system has recently become more concerned about the hot real estate industry. Experts said that the domain name real name system has become the best way to protect the legitimate rights and interests of domain name holders. At present, the real name system management CN domain name has been the first step, is wildly beating gongs and drums development, and achieved remarkable results.

domain names do not face the risk of real name

in January 12th this year, Baidu web site was hacked, up to a few hours in the world can not be normal access to, the event has been widespread concern inside and outside the industry. After the investigation, the root of the black Baidu site is domain name registration information is malicious tampering.

coincidentally, famous Tianya community sites have staged a similar scene. Data show that in 2005 the community has been modified by the end of the domain name registration information, the domain name to another site, once hijacked the Tianya community visits. In this regard, Beihang University experts said that these two events have demonstrated the importance of domain name holders to effectively protect the domain name registration information. If the domain name registration information is untrue, inaccurate, once the domain name registration information has been tampered with the holder of the domain name registrar to communicate and solve, will be at a disadvantage, not only affects the speed and efficiency of the resolution of the crisis, but also on the website of the normal operation of the business and bring negative effect.

in addition, the domain name is not real name to criminals to carry out illegal activities to provide convenient conditions. From a large number of criminal cases have cracked the website, domain name registration information is untrue, inaccurate, incomplete, not only conducive to ordinary users identify the authenticity of the site, is not conducive to the public security organs timely detection of cases, information security and property safety are a great threat to the users.

domain name is an international requirement

in fact, the high proportion of false domain name registration information has become a global problem". According to relevant data, it shows that as early as 2005 to carry out research on the general accounting office, domain name registration information "clearly erroneous or incomplete" phenomenon, in the generic top-level domain of the top three is the common domain name registration services.Org,.Net,.Com.

and the latest research on the internet name and digital address Distribution Agency (ICANN) shows that the domain name registration information has not been fundamentally changed. ICANN released the survey report shows that.COM,.NET,.ORG,.INFO,.BIZ and other domain name registration information is more prominent. To this end, ICANN developed a strict management measures to combat false behavior of domain name registration information. March 2003, ICANN board of directors to consider the adoption of a new domain name registration information reminder policy". The policy restrictions on domain name holders to provide false registration information.

experts said, in layman’s terms, the domain name system refers to the domain name

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