ntelligent Hard Suits nc valuation collective capital crazy influx of VR

in October last year, rock musician Wang Feng officially released by his personally involved in the design of Fiil headphones, he will own the Fiil headphone input, and 19 years ago when the first album.

Fiil headset Fiil headset currently the front page of the website banner, $20 million financing is a high-profile hang out winter capital but a problem hidden behind this is that the amount of financing and Flli headset valuations are less than expected.

as early as last August, Fiil headset team had told Tencent technology, the company A round of financing is expected to be $100 million, while the financing is only 1/5 of the expected target. Financing less than expected, the fundamental reason is that sales of headphones or their investors did not reach expectations.

despite the Fiil headset, said the company launched 3 headphones hit a record amount of more than 1 million booking industry. However, there are people close to the Fiil headset supply chain, said the current number of Fiil headphones is only a few tens of thousands out of the actual.

to the people of Tencent technology revealed that at present Fiil headset 3 products, there are two large headset (that is, the price of 1099 yuan FIIL and 1599 yuan price FIIL Wireless) by the Shenzhen foundry Fuji OEM, and another small headset (that is, the price of 599 yuan FIIL Bestie) by a San Jiangxi province Nanchang city LIAN foundry.

these people also said that because the price of small headphones cheaper, and its sales volume is higher than the two models and even higher headphones.

Fiil headphones minimum price of 599 yuan, which has exceeded the vast majority of users on the price range of a pair of headphones.

pricing are awkward

compared to Fiil headphones, the situation is even worse is the establishment of the United States has been 16 years of well-known Bracelet manufacturer Jawbone. There are Apple Watch share, with low-priced products rallied and attack.

two months ago, Jawbone layoffs in the global population of 60, accounting for about 15% of its total number of employees. Remove the layoffs also closed, Jawbone New York office, and reduce the two United States of Sunnyvale and Pittsburgh office scale.

Millet Bracelet compared to

, Jawbone Bracelet pricing is more expensive, UP3 Jingdong flagship store price of 999 yuan, while the price difference is not big enough to sell only $79 bracelet.

according to market research firm IDC statistics show that Jawbone in the second quarter of 2015, only sold out of the about 500000 UP health bracelet, the market share of only 2.8%, ranked in the health bracelet manufacturers of the seventh. As the market leader, Fitbit sold 4 million 400 thousand units in the quarter, the market share of up to 24.3%. Just listed Apple Watch quarter sales of 3 million 600 thousand units, the city

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