Unfamiliar street now 20 days to earn 800 thousand hidden insider theft network advertising

Beijing News (reporter Zuo Yanyan) "men chat in the unfamiliar street agency qualification certificate" group, "rent a car for 20 days to earn 800 thousand ad, by two car platform, the rent a car stolen goods. Yesterday morning, the reporter learned from the Fengtai court, the defendant Zhu guilty of contract fraud, the First Instance sentenced to prison in two years and six months, and fined 3000 yuan. Zhu ordered restitution of 343 thousand yuan, return to the victim.

unfamiliar street chat found car rental 20 days to earn 800 thousand ad

Zhu confession, in May 14, 2015, when he was in his home mobile Internet, in unfamiliar street chat agency academic credentials in the group, found that car rental 20 days to earn the advertising of 800 thousand.

"how can the 20 day rental earn 800 thousand interest?" Zhu after consulting chat Mo, the other way is to tell yourself, Beijing rent a car, and then rented the car.

how to do after the discovery of Zhu’s question, the other said it would be wanted online, but if you hide a period of time, do not have their own identity cards, they will not be caught. Zhu agreed to go to Beijing car rental.

The people behind

, car rental and reselling


Zhu in the record statements, May 2015 L5, at the time, he met with two men in the Chaoyang District identity card, the joy nearby, short man song takes his driving and the bank card, using a mobile phone registered in the "PP car" and "Friends of the friends of the car two car rental platform.

the next day at 3 pm, Zhu song to the credit card memory 9300 yuan, through the friends of friends a platform rental orders, to rent a Buick CL8 car, and money to go with the platform.

single, song Zhu Zhu to see the owner to take the car, and told the family to travel to Beijing, car rental with them around". Zhu took out documents and signed after driving back to Chaoyang District city.

car after the success of the song by PP car rental platform under a rental orders, rented a Honda accord.

May 18, 2015, nicknamed "the troop of the house told Zhu they will go to Shandong to sell cars, Zhu song Suggestions to take a train to Shandong Jining, in May 19th, the agency certificate man call an accident, Zhu considered after surrender.

constituted the crime of contract fraud, sentenced to two years and six months

during the trial, the defendant Zhu pleaded guilty to the prosecution of criminal facts.

court held that the defendant Zhu disregard the law, for the purpose of illegal possession, together with others in the signing of the contract process, take fictional facts, conceal the truth means to cheat other people’s property, a huge amount, his behavior constituted the crime of contract fraud should be punished. In view of the defendant Zhu automatically after the crime to take refuge, and truthfully for

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