What are the 20 most common sites in the world User required information

do you know what the biggest and most popular website in the world is? You might say, "Google?" "it must be Facebook." Youtube is definitely in your choice. The three are not wrong, but next? A news website ranked Top 20? Top 20 or that the list is all shopping and social networking? Those who engage in computer: Microsoft or apple and how? Even the adult website is notorious repute? What makes people browse these popular topic the frequent



first, look at the list:

1.Google – allows users to search the world’s information, including web pages, pictures and videos. Provides unique features and search technology.

2.Facebook – a social networking site that can connect people, connect friends, upload photos, share links and videos.

3.YouTube – YouTube is a way to share video with people you value. Upload, tag and share your videos around the world.

4 YAHOO! – a leading web portal and service provider. Provide search results, custom content, chat rooms, free mailboxes, clubs and page programs and other services.

5.Blogger – free, automatic network log publishing tool, you can send the update information to the site through FTP. (Google all)

6 Baidu Chinese top search engine, to provide "simple and reliable" search experience for Chinese and multimedia content, including MP3 and film, Chinese first provides WAP and PDA mobile search website.

7 Wikipedia – a free multi language encyclopedia collaboration program based on Wiki technology. (share the same way as CC)

8.Windows Live – Microsoft search engine.

9.Twitter – a social networking and micro blogging service site that uses instant messaging, text messaging and web front end services.

10.QQ – China’s largest and most widely used network services portal for Tencent Inc. The company was founded in 1998. QQ currently has more than 640 million QQ user accounts, making it one of the world’s largest online communities.

11.MSN – a large portal offering shopping, news, finance, email, search and chat services.

12 YAHOO Japan – Japanese version of YAHOO popular portal.


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