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in almost every industry, we can see the industrial leader. Website to hot, advertising must first move; a good advertisement, as long as put properly, will give you ten times, hundreds of times the sales force! Don’t think the site is independent of other products, the website is also website to build products "each stationmaster most baby, advertising to advance". Advertising language can be said to be a webmaster to the direction of the development of the first site positioning. But this time has been as long as said theylisten to, "said there will be more people to listen to" era, advertising language is not only to say, have to say good! Will really bring ingrained memory, will bring traffic stable.

believe you have heard, SKYWORTH TV ads – "no flash, is healthy;" Nestle coffee – "delicious"; "I wish you a Pepsi, Pepsi Cola"; "Wong Lo Kat afraid to get angry, drink"…… Wait。 But now many companies advertise, very love to boast, love is that your stuff is the "first" and "the best" and other words, but this kind of advertisement is gradually entering the network advertising, for example, often see a lot of hospital Baidu promotion says "the best XX hospital in certain areas". In fact, such advertising is very effective at the beginning, and the development of today, has little effect.


good advertising from the site’s marketing point of departure

what is the point of departure from the marketing point of view, that is, to meet the needs of the brand or the site to spread, and to adapt to the heart of consumers or to move the hearts of consumers in the heart of the most flexible positioning.

may be too blunt, for example. A cosmetic surgery hospital of the ad, I would very much appreciate a breast enhancement advertising language they play is "for you to create deep V smart breasts". This slogan directly contains several layers of meaning: 1, the breast "big" embodies the most incisive; 2, made out of natural breast smart, not hard; 3, combined with the key words "the heat of the deep V", attracted a lot of attention to Master network. Seize the needs of the people who want to do the successful advertising.

and each advertising plan is actually a selling point of the planning, planning is the mining site difference, the difference lies in the website service enterprises of the same type when only their website can meet the needs of customers, while others are not, is the so-called professional.

good advertisement thoroughly tempered, impact and influence of


said: "the first advertising language taboo" boastful words, it will be very tired let users. A good advertisement needs to be thoroughly tempered, full of impact and appeal.

domestic marketing planning circles, many of the pioneers have been aware of a "truth", that is, to help enterprises planning products >

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