Google effective ways to build a successful website

      a few days ago to see the article on the Internet that is very useful, it is reproduced to share with you, I hope useful for all of us!

      let’s skip the theory to see how effective the Google is. I know that this system is effective for Google, and is effective for all keywords. This is what I do is to the customer, and 100 percent of the time. The degree of success also depends on the site of the industry, the potential market and the level of competition. Here are some of the key points that you can only rely on Google, in a year’s time, to build a successful website.

      a) preparation and establishment of content

      before you register a domain name, you should record your ideas, should be ready for the content of 100 pages. Please note that at least. That’s 100 pages of real content, instead of the link page, about us page, contact us or copyright statement and mixed ".

      b) domain name

      you should choose a domain name that is easy to build a brand, you want is, not the keyword.Com. Keywords full domain should be discarded, easy to build brand and easy identification of the domain name is the best.

      domain name which contains the key words are very small. Why did change its name to, which was one of the most daring tactics I’ve ever seen?. The renaming strategy destroyed a few years of brand building.

      c) website design is as simple as possible

      an index is the proportion of text content should be greater than the proportion of HTML format. The entire web page should be standardized and should be displayed on all browsers. For example, make it conform to the HTML3.2 standard. Search engine spiders do not like the HTML4.0 standard.

      should stay away from those too heavy factors: flash, DOM, Java, etc.. If you have to use these scripts, use them as an external file. In my opinion, there is no need to use these things. These things can hardly give a website color, but it will greatly harm to all aspects of the performance of the site (search engine friendly is just one of them).


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