To the big Taobao seller Yao Gua take off Amoy beginning


35 billion 19 million double eleven. Is a historic breakthrough, mixed with sorrow.

eleven is not the one who dole out of the day. After all, Taobao million sellers, don’t say more than one million billion, or a handful. From the data has been more and more obvious under the line reflects the "God" to "Taobao native" (and the threat of the Amoy brand shop). If one day ZARA, LVMH, Richemont, Paris spring brand designer quit, Taobao to sell the original, but make the brand more reliable star shop. Will the traffic be assigned to them, which are the two possible threats to the "Taobao natives"?. If you meet the development needs of the platform, what technology flow will not be an obstacle.

this year’s double eleven in addition to the B2C platform, a lot of big sellers on line large-scale advertising, which is a key node of the Amoy brand which began a real "Amoy off action", namely "Amoy brand word off. To the "book of changes": "the order l Gua, and those that rise together". Cluster effect has become a barrier of choice, too many redundant products, the difference is too low. You have to step up to make a difference, do not go, will be forced to go by the traditional brands, more and more marketing channels forced to go, was forced to take the platform.

a hundred thousand tears of joy, that a walk. Taobao sellers vary greatly, the first property is different, the same road is not suitable for everyone to go. The seller Taobao millet began roughly divided into six categories:


used to be the five crown of gold. 1981 explorers, and Jun Wei, the men’s shop, twins, millet bugs, city of angels and women’s clothing store. There is a part of B stores, has been a part of the 2 to 4 gold now, some were parked in place, or has ceased to exist. Some with the original brand, some OEM, some for standard.

that is still spreading the myth of lemon green tea". Take general not too stiff, especially men, details page not too much polish, and some simply by pirates. Is generally large, SKU, express, brand not covered, the faster the more high credit.


so-called original single, foreign trade, poop, documentary, the tip of goods like, plus JJ, ZARA, Lives, Lee, NIKE, AD, CK, G-star, Diesel, Burberry etc. brand keywords popular keywords, plus the type or style, especially the popularization of basic models. The main South Korea, Japan and the United States, Europe and some relatively niche brand, style label shops are good. Selling to Hongkong and other places is not unusual.

this period there is a source of cattle, a (single) will be able to sell a package of money. The location is divided: in addition to the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai camp, Guangzhou, Shenzhen.

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