See programmers from tools good programmers should not use E6

many early adopters of new software are programmers. What is the reason? But more familiar with the new software because of their own work, the programmer is very concerned about the software running speed, usually by trying to find a sense of self is faster and more convenient and easy to use tools. Through this, we can also make a simple evaluation of the programmer’s level, or the spirit of work.

as an example of Internet browser. A few years ago, many companies in the IT sector is still installed in the computer default IE6 browser, which is not just to install the process is simple, but also for the purpose of protecting corporate investment. Many companies use Clearcase tools such as IBM, SAP and HP in various workflows, such as IBM Rational, which is widely used in software development. In the case of such tools have not yet supported a higher version of the IE browser, or the enterprise has not yet purchased a higher version of the tool, IE6 is the only choice for the enterprise IT department.

however good programmers usually can’t stand IE6 simple and primitive, not to mention the IE6 often feign death fatal problems. Because of low efficiency of IE6, at the same time the enterprise employees cannot choose the upgrade to a higher version of the IE browser, Firefox and Chrome therefore become their more common choice. In fact, the development on the Firefox browser early to rely on technology enthusiasts. In addition, the default browser Firefox is some version of the Linux system, and master the use of Linux is almost essential skill for programmers.

as text editing tool. Usually, the programmer does not use Windows built-in Notepad or WordPad software, the software to open large files slower, while the lack of indentation and highlight other common features, but not in a specific programming language syntax to show support of course. Therefore, both the access code, or the collection of log files for debugging, these tools are inefficient. In this case, the conditions of the enterprise will provide employees with UltraEdit and other payment tools, and in the lack of money in the company, programmers usually use Notepad++ and other open source editor.

it is hard to imagine the good programmers do not pay close attention to the most popular browser and text editing tools, as the face of the computer every day more than 8 hours of work, efficiency and speed of the programmer could not care software. A good programmer will always be critical tools and software, this is like the piano to Yu Jianke had the same magic weapon. Good thinking programmers can always find ways to find tools, or to write their own simple tools to reduce duplication of work, improve work efficiency.

, therefore, may be based on the desktop Windows XP system to judge the work of programmers. If his XP desktop is still a classic theme of slow response, or the installation of a very fancy desktop tools, it may indicate that he does not love technology, up to

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