Red wars Ali Ma personal money moves to red envelopes

[Abstract] Ma will be issued red envelopes to friends in the new year’s Eve night, with Alipay red envelopes will be paid in the way, micro-blog and correspondence, issued a total of 999 thousand and 999.

Tencent Francisco February 16th, along with the new year’s Eve approaching, red war has intensified, Alipay also launched an emergency new tactics – red brand platform. It is reported that, in the face of corporate users brand red platform ( has been formally launched. Alipay has a business account businesses can log on this platform, to create brand group of envelopes. After the password generated with Alipay brand images, can be spread on social media.

In addition to the launch of Alipay

enterprise edition red envelopes, Alibaba group chairman of the board of directors Ma Yun (micro-blog) also said, will be issued red envelopes to friends on New Year’s Eve, with red envelopes will be Alipay, micro-blog in the payment and correspondence, issued a total of 999 thousand and 999.

as early as February 11th, Alipay began issuing the first batch of Chinese New Year red envelopes, but many users seem to have this activity do not buy it, micro-blog and WeChat have in the circle of friends and other social networking platform tucao. This is the Alipay design complex field red rain much netizens criticized. Different from other red point in lottery, Alipay need to grab red envelopes to get Jun "link, which means that users need not stop poking the screen like playing hamster game. In addition, there are all kinds of users Tucao grab coupons, and no cash envelopes.

The Alipay

also issued a statement that grab red activity because too many people into in the first seconds, triggering the system limiting protection measures, resulting in some users do not grab a red envelope.

it can be seen that Ma and Alipay are now very much hope that through the continuous improvement of red war tricks, so as to obtain a better user experience.

Ma is the following statement:

has a red envelope, want to tell you about


these days I give "red envelopes" people… Think about the 15 years since the start of the business really good luck, we should really share. But my friend said no matter how many red envelopes I sent, how much of the red envelopes are always not enough, always be scolded". But even if "scolded" too, because I have a habit of "scolded" norm. Who afraid Who ah ha ha!

I’m going to send "red envelopes" in micro-blog and Alipay contacts on the thirty night, sharing "Hi color crush money, wish you good luck again and again: this) will have a total of 999 thousand and 999 lucky people get crushed money". Through the efforts of luck, red envelopes is to grab!". Please prepare the "red rain, lucky color" moment. Grab the red envelopes of time and password, I will be in the past few days and micro-blog announced.

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