The state information network is such propaganda

has seen a lot of ways to promote local portals, such as HAO123 and Internet cafes. For example, spend several hundred dollars to India to street hair name card. In fact, these methods are pretty good. My website is a new station, Kezhou information network www.845350com look at my website update speed will know, the local party in ten is a small place, actually no one accustomed to posting forum.

how did I promote it?.

in the cafe, if set to page fee according to one of these machines in January is 1 yuan, I feel too expensive, it’s better for me to spend two hundred or three hundred yuan to do several posters posted to the Internet, the network main set home page. Generally good point of the network management will be posted. How much money a poster, not to mention a paste is more than a year. Oh, people will see.

in the street, if you send a business card, then there must be an individual and a fool, like a person to hair, the past a person to send. What to do with people you know. In particular, like me, there is a formal work, the place is small, looked up to see a small place. Please send a person to spend money, now the price is so high, a day of artificial Fedo high. So, I made 5 banners. Our banners 80 yuan, then spent four hundred yuan to find advertisers, let him help me do outdoor advertising, then put banners hanging to the square, more places, is one to January. If you ask a person to send a month’s business card labor costs are estimated to be hundreds of it. Not to worry about the inspectors.

on the Internet, not local, QQ group, halo, ha ha, the small place is a small local benefits, heard that we are first classified information website webmaster Kezhou, let me become a group administrator. Oh, of course, the group announcement will write, welcome to Kezhou information network such as

in the pool, there is a local supermarket, often issued a number of sales promotion, I and their boss to discuss the next, ready to let him in the future promotion list, add a word, cooperation website: Is still in negotiations. Is to give him or give him some money advertising. In addition, you can also find some store, put some advertising let out, but in their store must put some publicity, or hang down at the door of their store banners. Regardless of the general urban construction. In fact, it is difficult to do business now, so that everyone is very good way of mutual benefit. In any case, a small portal site, even if hanging GG because there are few IP and traffic, there will be no effect, but also ugly. Combined with the store advertising, the effect is better.

that’s all. But the place is too small, there are limitations, for example, a lot of people will only communicate in QQ, BBS and other exchanges will not be used. However, I do not rely on state information online advertising to make money, I just want to let you know there is such a website, I know is > oblast information network

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