The success of financing waste To VC model investors can find no way out


venture not flourishes with business flourishes mentality of the entrepreneur, could not build a great company, not to mention what you want to change the world. Although the technology industry has spawned Microsoft, Google and Facebook over the past few decades, a problem that should be repeatedly emphasized is that the likelihood of failure is very high.

when all the people are looking for the next "outlet", in the discussion of how the company made a "unicorn", we should also discuss, when a startup in the face of failure, founder of what to do. Especially in the "capital of winter approaching, today the fame of the start-up companies, tomorrow may become a valuation bubble".

in August this year, has been popular motorcycle helmet company Skully AR declared bankruptcy, the media have pointed out that the founder of the financing after the successful launch out, the purchase of luxury cars, with the company’s money, for their own travel around the world to pay, even there is a lot of money for stripper service. Now Skully has been in bankruptcy, but the founder. Really chic.

WrkRiot founder Isaac Choi

also in August, another technology start-ups scandal occurred in WrkRiot companies, including a number of media "New York Times", the exposure of the company’s founder clownism. Known as the history of the most ugly start-up companies, the founder of WrkRoit actually find employees to borrow money to pay wages, fake wage checks.

in the start-up company’s operating conditions are not good, the founder of the problem is more prominent. But the most affected, but it is the start-up company’s customers.


startup Zirtual project is an online online assistant, which provides online private assistant services for small and medium business executives. But Zirtual after closing, just notice to email their paying customers, but for each month to spend thousands of dollars to use Zirtual services to customers, how the personal assistant suddenly Liaotiaozi not stem the case, let the work to a smooth transition of


a Zirtual user in a media interview that described his experiences: first she modified the online assistant authorization to use a password, but also for a new credit card for payment, then one by one to their email users — those who are before and her "assistant" direct contact. "I don’t want to use the start-up company anymore," she says. "It makes me look unprofessional."

there is an example, the start-up company Mode Media is a blog platform to help advertisers do not arrange >

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