How to use the network in the network marketing process to achieve self marketing


understand marketing friends should be more or less heard of self marketing. However, we were on the Internet for the grassroots, for those of us engaged in network marketing, website promotion and SEO work it personnel, and whether they can use the network marketing and self realization in the process of network marketing


self marketing?

self marketing is the individual (or group) through the strategic means to show their self-image, so as to achieve the desired purpose of individual or group activities.

may only from the above concept, we still do not know self marketing what is going on, let alone with the help of the Internet, but Ye Jianhui believes everyone more or less experienced self marketing value and charm, following a few simple examples of how self marketing in the process of network marketing:


is a online and search needs to go shopping, to every people have to go to the moon, Lu Songsong blog, blog is the most people to engage in the Internet, ZAC SEO every one is a learning SEO people to go. In addition, there are a lot of blogs and websites are some people have to go.

this example, I believe many of my friends also felt a little, but why are these sites to achieve self marketing in Internet Marketing? The key lies in the website to meet the real needs of the users, not only to establish a good brand image, is increasing its charm and attraction. So, whether it is Baidu and other enterprises, or individuals such as Lu Songsong, they are very good to achieve the self marketing, and exaggeration to say that in our knowledge of the brand or to schedule a number on the website are in fact success through self marketing. So, what are we going to have to go or say about our website?

when you come to think of it, we want to use the network as a grassroots, and realize self marketing works in the process of network marketing, we just need at least have a premise.

premise – vitality

Ye Jianhui in Baidu search keywords "blog", ranked in the first is the blog of Lu Songsong, the blog has more than 5 thousand blogs. In its blog Daquan home website is mostly open, and also more timely updates, but if the specific area within the page of the website, can find a lot of long-term is not updated, and even a lot of blog has ceased to exist.

in this regard, Ye Jianhui needs to emphasize one point is that self marketing network marketing process is often a long process, not a short duration of time can become, so we need to have the website vitality, has been continuously updated. Whether or not this, how does not have the vitality of the site can meet the demand? How users can’t find your website, the self marketing significance? Of course not overnight, it can only suggest to Sister Lotus "

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