WeChat new rules do not do marketing services

WeChat and micro-blog this time to a pair of quarrelsome lovers, public life into the era of micro field. In the strong relationship as the main proposition of WeChat, in fact, from the moment into the marketing, it has been used to do the opposite of the typical micro-blog style weak relationship". WeChat is strong or not, have public opinion early. 400 million user base to play the leading role in the social network. And WeChat’s high precision network also makes WeChat marketing has become a very fashionable topic.

I do not understand the whole process of e-commerce market from 366EC to the public version of the 5 version of the WeChat platform strategy released recently, causing a lot of speculation outside. Also afraid to embark on micro-blog over marketing and gradually deviate from the original intention of the old son, WeChat 5 seems to be the beginning of its own request, can not change the user’s thinking, then change the rules of the game.

transformation from marketing to service

it is understood that the market is currently a lot of businesses to buy WeChat conversion rate is very effective, but if only recommended a month, this conversion rate may gradually disappear. A month recommended a little harsh." 366EC marketing department official said. But WeChat 5 this adjustment will also promote the healthy development of the public accounts of the electricity supplier companies: from promotional tools to service sales change. For the service focused electricity supplier industry, but also an opportunity."

a Amoy brand WeChat operators responsible person said, now many enterprises WeChat operators (even many executives) on WeChat have too much cash to go on the WeChat marketing "planned".

in his view, the electricity supplier, WeChat should play the role of the customer’s servant to provide services based. "Customers have needs, we appear; customers do not need, we shut up."

WeChat behalf of the operator service provider WeChat assistant relevant responsible person believes that WeChat to support the function of the large, rather than the sale of large. The so-called functional large, refers to the interaction with the user based, rather than information push account, its shape is close to a light application.

new look new expectations: custom menus and CRM

is reported that, although the number of WeChat companies can only push a month, but the launch of the custom menu is a new favorable direction. Enterprise account can be customized menu settings, to provide users with more self-service, allowing users to find their own, rather than passively accept the news. Custom menu matures, the future of corporate accounts need to do is to do a good job of the menu, product selection to do a good job, so that customers develop a habit of looking at new products at a fixed time, see discount.

in addition to the custom menu, WeChat outlook in CRM management is an important factor that WeChat account optimistic operators. 366EC marketing department official told the author: the era of management first, CRM to a large extent can support WeChat go very far, just as we do mall system, CR>

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