How difficult is the number of nternet entrepreneurs bitter

Chinese entrepreneurial environment and entrepreneurial mode and foreign have a huge difference, one of the most important point is that it is difficult to see China large-scale business acquisitions, it is difficult to see large enterprises mergers and acquisitions of small and medium enterprises. A few years ago, the domestic Internet is indeed the scenery, the scenery of these Internet entrepreneurs, attracting a group of aspiring young people into the Internet venture to the army. In their eyes, the Internet is more likely to lead the way to success. See the Hurun rich list that are arranged above the many Internet entrepreneurs Chinese names: Robin Li, Zhang Zhaoyang, Shi Yuzhu…… The example of these successful people has attracted a lot of confident young people, looking forward to the day when they would like to be on the list.

China’s Internet industry, in addition to advertising, there is no basic profit model innovation; in other words, even if you have a lot of users of the site, the popularity is high, it may not be able to have a stable cash flow. Means that in a longer period of time, the operation of the company, entirely on their own money. Support a general sense of the Internet Co, if not as similar to the video that burn soon business model, a year’s time, at least to 500 thousand yuan. And generally have to carry two years before the possibility of financing. This means that if there is no 1 million yuan in cash, it is difficult to create a Internet Co and maintain its normal operation. With the domestic business model, competition is very intense, a little careless, will return the sacked. Competition between enterprises is to use the money to suppress each other to achieve monopoly market and development. Earlier, the domestic C2C market is very fierce competition, three of the market value of billions of dollars in the carriage on this runway, Taobao overwhelmingly ranked boss, behind the distant second Tencent, pat Network, the third is TOM ebay. Not to mention Dangdang once tried to test the water C2C market. Those small ring of small and medium-sized enterprises still do not know how many in this way run over.

whether it is cast early venture capital, or angel investors, early projects on the Internet are very cautious, can get a few venture capital. The number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Internet Chinese experienced a temper and struggle are fulfilled the words of Ma Yun: "today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, most people died in tomorrow night, can not see the sun the day after tomorrow" entrepreneurs who want to know how to warm his left hand and right hand, it is necessary to understand the pain as happy to appreciate, to appreciate the success, sometimes luck. From 1997 to Chinese rise of the Internet industry to today, our experience is not only the bubble and the winter, we are more will face the monopoly of the domestic network giants and small and medium-sized enterprises can not survive the hell. One of the major gateway to TOM online, also recently announced the delisting of layoffs, from fame to withdrawalfrom the market after the layoffs go? As of June 30, 2007, TOM online is China only one service in wireless Internet in all areas are among the top three portal, SP hot, once let TOM online >

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