7 days no reason to return the right rules will implement the merchants refused to refund will be pu

[Abstract] for the purpose of intentional delay or refusal, the business sector shall be punished.

JINGWAH Times News (reporter Qian Weihua, Yuan Guoli) violations of consumer rights and interests punishment approach (hereinafter referred to as the punishment approach) will be implemented in March 15th. Yesterday, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, Yang Hongcan, director of the "punishment" was interpreted. For online shopping and other non site shopping, punishment approach refinement operators do not fulfill the 7 days no reason to return, the specific circumstances of this behavior, the punishment approach clearly stipulates punishment will be in accordance with the provisions.

Yang Hongcan said that the punishment approach to the operator does not fulfill the obligations of the law, regulations and regulations clearly defined the corresponding penalties and administrative punishment principles and procedures.

How to guarantee the

for online shopping seven days no reason to return the right to question, Yang Hongcan said, "punishment measures" provisions, the operators under any of the following circumstances are more than 15 days, as deliberate delay and refuse: first, for no reason to return goods, after receiving the consumer demands the return date not for return procedures. Two, without the consumer to confirm, in order to provide the goods do not apply for unreasonable return by refusing to return. Three, to consumers has been opened, the impact of commodity inspection intact refused to return. Four, since the date of receipt of the goods returned without any justifiable reason did not return the consumer to pay the price of the goods, etc.. The business operators shall be punished for the acts of intentional delay or refusal by the business operators.

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