WordPress forum plugin bbPress 2 Beta 1 release

bbPress is a simple and easy to use the forum program, easy to use, easy to manage, run fast, refreshing interface. Hidden under the bbPress simple appearance is a powerful function and a high degree of qualitative.

simply said, bbPress is the WordPress forum version, but the flaw is that bbPress, the installation and integration of the effect is not ideal.


, a few days ago, WordPress official in the form of WordPress plug-in launched a new version of bbPress – bbPress 2 Beta 1. This makes bbPress more convenient to use, and other improvements, including:

Seamless integration of

and WordPress website and theme

The integration of

on the forum, the main post, management interface

split / merge in the same forum discussion posts

helps users customize the location of the forum in the web site through short code

currently comes with TwentyTen sub themes, easier to use

Modify the record

tracked the invitation card

control board gadget forum snapshot, more convenient to view

automatically create new roles "forum moderator"


in the main view of the new personal center.Subscribe to

main new reply, subscribers can receive a notification message

anonymous speech function to allow more people to participate in the forum to discuss

gadgets can show the latest trends in the forum

provides an import system, the user can import the original forum

because it is a test version, bbPress 2 Beta 1 is not suitable for use on the online website. You can experience it at the test station, if you feel good, wait for the official release.

download bbPress 2 beta 1 http://s.downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/bbpress.2.0-beta-1.zip

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