Adsense network broadcast the impact of the new advertising law on the nternet a lot of acres of la

1 new "advertising law" on the impact of the Internet?  

full text more than 10 thousand words, a total of 75".

for the first time in 20 years after the revision of the "advertising law" on September 1st formally implemented. It is worth mentioning that, in the past 20 years, the Internet has experienced a leap from the birth to the rise of the country’s development, and overwhelmed by the revised advertising law will also be published on the Internet advertising behavior into the scope of management.

said that the new "advertisement law" sounded the death knell of the intelligent mobile phone hype, also said that the implementation of the new "advertisement law", "XX violation of" advertising law "has become a manufacturer of new marketing gimmick, so, the new" advertisement law "in the end have little impact on the Internet


2 Unicom non real name users since September 6th has been limited payment: the indirect shutdown  

September 2nd news, yesterday is the mobile phone real name registration system to implement the first day, the operator told the media that the so-called real name registration will not appear not to force shutdown.

at present, while China Unicom did not take the first day of the implementation of the registration of non real name users forced outage in the mobile phone real name, but Unicom said, for non real name users, in addition to the previously implemented restrictions apply for discount packages and other measures, they will begin to limit the payment plan from September 6th.

3.2015 APP China classification which APP ranked first in the rankings released.  

in 2015, an Internet application over PC mobile terminal end is an indisputable fact, according to comScore in early July this year, the latest statistics, the mobile Internet has accounted for 56% of the time, on the other hand, the challenge of APP early, another cause of internal and external environment amidst the winds of change or the Internet market, the technical conditions of the the coming era.

in the past 2015 Q2 drops Uber car software market was 58. The glint and flash of cold steel; Jingdong; 618 raise a Babel of criticism of market capitalization of $50 billion; Qihoo 360, cool, LETV accident three party alliance; Alipay 28 days for Alipay version change; Gome online, millet and other Internet companies with P2P; Lenovo, Wanda traditional enterprises positive transformation; apple Google leads the giant force news media; paid video mode blowout.

4 new advertising law to disable the "top" top "best" brand copy is more crazy  

new advertising law was officially put into effect yesterday, the first, best, top and other words after the ban was banned, to look at the major brands of modified copy of what looks like.

shock start, the whole network is the lowest, the first sales……" These are all brand has been advertising slogan, now no longer.

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