Webmaster third spring e commerce webmaster group to make

e-commerce let owners groups have opportunity to revive, Xiao Zhu is a representative of this huge crowd. What is the future of the Internet booming grassroots, or a mirage



Xiao Zhu felt in a dream, like the night jump red stars, non mainstream crowd yesterday was being ignored, today becomes everybody to grab the meat and potatoes.

last month, his share of a technology sharing site actually exceeded 1000 yuan, or in the traditional off-season. Over the past few days, he specialized in e-commerce shopping guide website on the line, the income will increase. Xiao Zhu is looking forward to earn 10 thousand yuan per month, "I can do it full-time."

a few months ago, he and his friends were crowded in that "the national conference center spring snow". Eslite founder, aged CEO to open their arms, he first said, "the importance of the webmaster not," said, 2004; Amazon came true China brought website alliance, they can really develop, is actually on the site. In order to express the webmaster "important", old investors Qiming founder Tong Shihao specially invited participants, children before the public activities in every guest never seen.

even if Shihao children do not come forward, Xiao Zhu will always remember this day. It was very cold that day, when the old saying "we opened thousands of stores", Xiao Zhu immediately blood. He shouted, "what he said (those stores) is us."

from that day, my "geek" dream of a stirring among the dry bones. However, he often doubt, webmaster of prosperity and decline, and he is not seen, what is the ultimate and prosperous future, or a mirage

?The internal force of


before we Union chief General Assembly held accustomed to earn tens of dollars in advertising alliance "wandering" parity of small, have smelled a little taste.

first alliance began to use a percentage of the transaction by the proportion of billing (CPS), and then there is a cosmetic up to 40% of the program. The B2C advertiser has formed their own union, using various means to 3Run and their more "intimate".

is small and he deliberately kept "hindsight", before the day is too embarrassed, he is the most grassroots webmaster is not optimistic about the personal webmaster. Originally, he in the interpretation of a traditional and conventional and grassroots webmaster plot: just over 20 years old, born in Chinese three line city, did not read the University, working in Beijing. Because he likes to break the software, he first opened a technical blog; with the increase in visits, but also to do a special technical website. Xiao Zhu is still a "guanggansiling" website, from the content to the operation to do their own.

no doubt, Xiao Zhu is a ideal person, he is the establishment of the station in 2008.

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