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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network October 22nd news yesterday, Baidu announced that Baidu’s financial center, financial management platform will be officially launched in October 28th, will also launch target of 8% annual rate of return financial plan Baifa (8.baidu.com).

it is understood that Baidu Financial Center – financial platform will be formally launched on October 28th, will launch the target annual yield of 8% of the financial plan". "100" by Baidu financial center, Huaxia Fund jointly launched, claimed that the annual yield of up to 8%, the balance of treasure than the launch of Alipay’s high. Baidu relevant responsible person said, "Baidu financial center will be based on existing resources comprehensive Baidu, equal cooperation with our financial institutions, reshaping the traditional financial product design, packaging, sales and service of all aspects, plans to build a public oriented customer financial service platform, financial center and loan center, to provide security high yield, simple and easy to operate and management service for the user.

The impact of

on the balance of treasure, Taobao outlets, Ali entered the Tianhong and a series of events, the Internet financial hot up. After the introduction of a variety of class balance treasure, Internet banking is carried out in full swing. Although the "BaiduPay" as early as 2008 has been on the line, but Baidu is helpless, Alibaba Alipay had owned Taobao, Tencent caifutong also has a large number of virtual goods and service members, and for a long time, Baidu’s business is unable to pay what BaiduPay brings, if Baidu really want to enter the Internet banking, first of all you need to let BaiduPay become the entrance. So now, Baidu has adopted a more fund approach, in the promotion of products at the same time, directly to the high interest to drive users to use their own payment platform.

"now feel the entire industry is very anxious, because we have short term goals and performance pressure, are catching up." Beijing a large fund company electricity supplier responsible person said that the development of fund companies and the Internet is still in the preliminary stage, in addition to the balance of treasure, no other special powerful products, so we are trying, including trial and error. To explore the business model, only the real practice will have results. "The business model itself is not difficult, it is difficult to find a similar platform, customers, customers, business investment group, every Internet companies are not the same, with the fund and the Internet, each is a case."

launched the hundred hair program, Baidu is the first step in the field of Internet banking. Baidu said it would with the bank, securities, funds and other large financial institutions in-depth communication and cooperation, on the other hand, Baidu is also using the Internet thinking, using a large data analysis and mining technology, the user experience of financial product innovation based on customization and purchase.

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