Ma Yun published an open letter to shareholders 5000 words explain Ali strategy

Tencent Francisco October 8th news, Alibaba today announced the listing after the first online interactive report, aims to make investors believe that the Alibaba’s growth prospects remain bright. At the same time, Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba (micro-blog) released an open letter to shareholders, elaborated on the future of Ali’s strategy, platform advantages, capital markets and competitors and other issues of concern to the outside world.

affected by slow growth in revenue, China’s economic slowdown and other issues, the stock was held by investors Holdings Alibaba. Ma Yun said in the letter, the world’s response to China’s economic slowdown is too much, China’s economic slowdown will not affect China’s consumption level.

Ma Yun said in an open letter: I do not agree that the economic slowdown will affect China’s consumption level, the point of view." Western consumers may find it hard to keep their way through borrowing in the downturn, while Chinese consumers are not used to saving the future. The reason why there are more and more consumers online shopping, because it is convenient, better reflect the value of funds.

Ma Yun said: China is not a lack of domestic spending power. Think about how to ignite this consumer power is the key."

also has an online interactive report with video and graphics along with the open letter, which aims to better explain the corporate strategy of the Chinese market and Alibaba.

Ma move highlights the challenges faced by Alibaba in communication with U.S. investors, after all, the interaction between overseas investors and Alibaba’s products and services is limited. Since the IPO (IPO) since two, the Alibaba has disappointed investors: first quarter earnings as of December last year, the second property is at the end of June this year’s quarterly earnings report.

Days Hao capital research company

(T.H. Capital LLC) founder Hou division (Tian X.Hou) said that day for investors, one of the risks they face is the Alibaba and Wall Street experience in communication problems. Hou Tian said: the responsibility of communication in the hands of Alibaba, but they do not have a good skill in communication with investors."

Alibaba shares have hit their lowest point since IPO, as investors worried that China’s economic downturn will affect Alibaba’s business prospects. At the same time, this concern also affects the performance of other technology companies listed in the u.s..

last month, Peng Na, head of Alibaba’s Investor Relations Department, · (Jane), said the slowdown in consumer spending means that the company’s third quarter online trading scale will be lower than previously expected. Penner expects Alibaba in the third quarter GMV is expected to be about 5% lower than the company expected.

and Ma Yun said in an open letter, e-commerce is only part of the strategy of Alibaba group, using its platform to assess the value of the company’s performance is too narrow

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